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  1. My review on the rust product from FoxyZ <<< ESP >>> As always with all foxyz products the esp display is super smooth and crisp with full customizing in the menu, from distance to items. Find lost guns easily, Nodes for days, animal locations, lootable boxes including hackable crates. Iv even found good loot on corpse display. One thing i like the most is you can switch on TC locations and show traps and turrets, avoiding nasty surprises when raiding. Locations of heli and bradley are also a option 🙂 <<< AIM >>> Aim is perfect
  2. Iv been using foxyz now for about 30 days and very impressed. Support is top notch and always quick. Purchasing is easy and product is delivered instantly. Even bugs are fixed within hours of patches. The security is top notch, and I'm sure this is what makes foxyz stand out from the rest. As well as all there products being slotted. EFT Iv used a few products in the past and resulted in banns within 24hrs, foxyz still going for over 30 days for me Aimbot is top class and always on target and simple to use. The thing that is the best us the loot esp. You can filter by ind