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I found this place by messaging a random reddit user on a subreddit who said they had found a product for DayZ.  I was skeptical of course, but seeing as how this place is quite under wraps seemingly, I took the dive.

I was so incredibly glad I did.  The product works flawlessly.  It has a visual menu which is a game changer for any product like this.  It also has built in spoofer, and will give you an error message and won't start if you have anything open that could cause you to be vulnerable.  My only frustration is that I have to restart my PC quite often.  It seems if I start the product after my computer has been running for awhile, it will require a restart.  This is my only complain, and otherwise the product and it's features are BETTER than advertised.  I will be a long term supporter of these projects.  I will be using the EFT product as well in the very near future.  

Support is very fast, usually within 10 minutes!  They have helped me, successfully, through every issue I've had (only one or two) since my purchase.  

The only feature I would add is the ability to see Heli Crashes.  I'm guessing that could be done with the model name, but I don't know how this works and I am not going to act like I do.  I just want people to know this is completely legit.  

Have a good day.

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