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  1. Thank you for the great testimonial. We're glad that even in the scary depths of reddit we shine as a valuable provider.
  2. buddy

    Honest Review

    This review is beautiful, just like you hubby wubby ❤️
  3. We appreciate the kind review. I'm not sure how many people we have who closet cheat in EFT, but we do have it setup to allow the users to efficiently do so. Happy to hear you're enjoying foxyz 🙂
  4. I'm not sure what happened with your formatting, but we appreciate the positive review. We hope you enjoy your stay here at foxyz.
  5. Configuration system updates: Configuration sharing is now featured through the menu with new Export and Import buttons. For this update you will also be required to import your old config through steps below. Steps to import your old config: Your config files have been moved from "c:\foxyz" to "C:\TEMP_CONFIG_DELETE_THIS" (Will only be moved after your first injection) Enter the new folder and select your desired config Open the config in notepad and select all (ctrl+a) and copy (ctrl+c) Create a new config in the menu Save config Importing configs:
  6. Love to hear that you're enjoying foxyz. And we pride ourselves on top-tier support. We're happy to have you 🙂
  7. Most of the staff team has been blown away at just how positive the community here has been, and it's something we pride ourselves on. As xen said, we hope you enjoyed your stay, and we hope you have the same if not better experience when you come back. Thanks for you feedback.
  8. This video is no longer available due to a copyright claim by BATTLESTATE GAMES LIMITED. Pretty much speaks for itself. 10/10. Annoying battlestate since 2020 🙂
  9. buddy

    EFT Review

    I have been using the Foxyz EFT cheat since beta, and my experience has been great. While I don't personally find too much of a point in using legit settings in this game, the aimbot settings can be modified to actually look legit in the game. This is something I myself haven't seen in many other tarkov cheats I have used. The Visuals included in the cheat are honestly much more than I expected. Most cheats just display items and players as per usual, but Foxyz goes a step above. I can personalize a list of items to look for, filter out quest items, or even if I'm feeling lazy or just wa
  10. Good clip! I recommend re-posting it in the showcase section.
  11. I haven't been using this cheat for a long amount of time, yet already I feel as if I had been here forever. Overall the aimbot is as smooth as you want it to be, and can fit any player. But let's break it down. P.S. i'm not gonna give ratings (ex: 10/10) because I believe all of the features already implemented work perfectly as described so there's no point. Aimbot: There isn't much to say about the aimbot. Depending on your settings you can look as legit as a professional player, or rage your way to victory. Works perfectly, never had an issue. Visuals: Visuals