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  1. The reason why some users got kicked. I do not see you on the ban list, is it possible you have made a new discord since you were last in our server?
  2. The API went down so if you are no longer in game with the product that is why, also the bot decided to kick everyone out of discord at the same time, a link will be posted to rejoin discord shortly, Thank you for your understanding and patience while we resolve this issue fully. The discord server is now back up! Please Rejoin via the forums tab or at this link. https://discord.com/invite/xeCSKpT
  3. since bsg doesnt like the video heres 2
  4. Lets start with im shit at these 🙂 Ive been an Foxyz eft cheat user since beta the options have always been great and been improved on, the staff has been super helpful when there was an issue, and overall have had a great time! Visuals: 10/10 super smooth and clean even when alot of things are rendered or rendered super far away ease of use: 10/10 easiest menu ive used aimbot: 10/10 very customizable and prediction works great msc: 9/10 the features that are there work great but would like to see more if possible to do while keeping the menu safe