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  1. Requirements: Windows 10 x64 [ 1903 - 1909 - 2004 ] Features: Stream-Safe Overlay and Stylish Easy-To-Use Menu (check Screenshots) Customizable Frame Rate Configuration Manager Load Custom Configs Save Custom Configs Create Default Configs Extremely Smooth Rendering Player ESP Corner Box Head Dot Name Snapline Weapon Name / Ammo Count Distance Health Bar Skeleton Scope Check Team Filter Extraction ESP Name Snapline Distance State Only Open State PMC Color Scav Color Item ESP Name Distance Snapline Corpses Lootboxes Show content inside the box Loot Filter by individual items with custom color for each item Crosshair Aimbot for Enemies Able to be a key-bind (held, toggled or always on) Head Only Customizable FOV Customizable Aim Speed Humanized Smoothing Humanized Target Selection Unlock after ? milliseconds Activate after ? milliseconds Prediction (Bullet Drop) Prediction (Extrapolation) No Recoil No Spread No Sway Built-in Spoofer for the latest version of Tarkov
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    Detection Rate

    Welcome! Our current product, Rainbow Six, has been around for almost 11 months, being part of a private community for 4 months, and it only was detected "two" times. The first detection happened around February when some untested feature got pushed to the users without a notice, and the second detection happened in the start of June due an issue with our hardware spoofer which now has been temporary disabled, as of right now the product is completely UNDETECTED.
  3. Hello everyone, We have made some changes related to buying the product with us or with a reseller. For now, just like last week, if you decide to buy directly from us, you will be allowed to use ONLY CoinBase (BTC), but, you have the opportunity to buy using different methods by contacting one of our resellers. How does it work? Check and pick one of the Resellers available on the bottom of this page (CLICK HERE) Contact them and ask for their terms and payment methods, once an agreement is made, proceed with paying the Reseller (PAY ATTENTION TO WHO YOU ARE TALKING WITH, WE DO NOT ISSUE ANY REFUND OR COVER IN CASE SOMETHING HAPPENS). Once the Reseller confirms the payment, the reseller will send over your FORUM DM's (PRIVATE MESSAGES) a GIFT CARD that will activate account credits over your FORUM ACCOUNT. With these credits activated, go to the store, select your product and pay using your FORUM ACCOUNT CREDITS. Done, simple as that, everything should be pretty fast. Any question, don't hesitate to contact us!
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    Payment Methods

    Users now can see the resellers at the staff directory. Go to Staff Directory
  5. Hello, As most of you have noticed, we are now only accepting CoinBase (BTC only) payments from new users (If you have bought previously using PayPal and wish to use it again, open a support ticket and we will proceed with our verification process). You are free to use your own BTC Wallet and use it to pay your subscription, but if you wish to use any other payment method, we will be supporting and listing a few users that will be marked as "Reseller". About "Reseller" User: We have zero influence on their prices and the payment process is done as per their terms. We don't insure or cover any scam attempt. Pay attention to who you are talking with. If you have any questions regarding this method, please don't hesitate to reach-out over our Discord server or through the Support Tickets.
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    klugle's Testimonial

    Its called Zoom in config 😉