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I bought the 7day subscription to see If I could closet cheat without getting banned. I gotta say this cheat is amazing! I've been playing for 5 days straight now and have had no issues what so ever..
It's one of the easiest cheats I've used.
Looks clean  and professional easy to navigate through, you can customize your own Item ESP for quests or high value items. 10/10
Aimbot is perfect in my opinion  now that you can pick specific areas for it to target such as legs..I like this for when you go RIP ammo haha.. This was a really fun update for me as I love to use RIP ammo and with the targeting  legs GG..  Aimbot is a 10/10.
The stream overlay is pretty cool on Discord, doesn't show anything for people watching you. If you wanna trick your friends this is a really good cheat to use. I'm planning on getting a 1 month when it's possible. I recommended this EFT cheat to anyone who is looking to get rich or max their hideout very quickly. I made over 50m in the past 5 days of playing. I like to play closet cheater style, I don't go around with no recoil and 1 tapping, not my fancy. I've just been running labs and taking all the loot. I'm hooked at this point!  Once again, I would strongly suggest trying out the EFT made by Foxyz.

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We appreciate the kind review. I'm not sure how many people we have who closet cheat in EFT, but we do have it setup to allow the users to efficiently do so.

Happy to hear you're enjoying foxyz 🙂

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