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I've been using Foxyz since the beginning of october and its been by far the best experience with this game and enhancements, the menu is clean and easy to use with several users and staff having made fantastic configs to help with loot filtering.

The aimbot works fantastically with its prediction, with only 1 minor caveat being at longer ranges and certain ammo it might not get the bullet drop quite right, but this is easy enough to fix by just adjusting your scope zero. 

The ESP functions work flawlessly with lots of helpful filters so you can show everything you want without cluttering your screen too much.

Overall the only things I wish this product had that it doesn't currently would be ESP/aimbot visibility checks/indicator, but I can live without that.

I can wholeheartedly recommend Foxyz for EFT, the staff have always been fantastic to deal with and the product itself is amazing.

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