Testimonial, 1 month later


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To preface my review, I joined the foxyz community just shy of a month ago at the time of writing this. Before then, I had experience with some previous providers in a variety of games ranging from FPS to MMOs and they all basically worked the same, so I had come to understand what to expect from a cheese provider. 

The foxyz experience is so much different.

Firstly, this is professional. Its clean, its simple, it has amazing support that genuinely cares about their reputation and the quality of their product. Its very evident that the team works hard from the frequent safety updates and interaction in the discord channel. It isnt enough to have a working product, they genuinely seem to want to have the best product and I'm convinced they have the best one on the market. 

Second, lets talk about the support. The support guys are great all around. Often times with other providers you'll find that any problems you encounter, you will have to figure out on your own. Not here, they will help you to the best of your ability until your issue is solved. 

Lastly, the product. Oh man... this is it. You won't find a cleaner, more clear and intuitive product out there. Its smooth and 100% able to be tailored to your tastes. This is the kind of product that doesn't cut corners. 

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