Spoofer and Config Updates


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Configuration system updates:

Configuration sharing is now featured through the menu with new Export and Import buttons. For this update you will also be required to import your old config through steps below.

Steps to import your old config:

  1. Your config files have been moved from "c:\foxyz" to "C:\TEMP_CONFIG_DELETE_THIS" (Will only be moved after your first injection)
  2. Enter the new folder and select your desired config
  3. Open the config in notepad and select all (ctrl+a) and copy (ctrl+c)
  4. Create a new config in the menu
  5. Save config

Importing configs:

  1. Copy a config to your clipboard
  2. Select import config
  3. Save config

Exporting configs:

  1. Select export in the config settings. This will copy your config to your clipboard

Spoofer updates:

The loader will now spoof your hwid to the same serial numbers as your last spoof until you select for it to do otherwise. Your first time running the loader you will be given a random serial that it will continue using until you change your seed.

Meaning only two large changes:

  1. If your account gets banned you will now have to tell the spoofer when to pick new serials
  2. You will no longer have to get a code from your email each time you launch the game :)
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