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This is based on my experience and time here at Foxy (About 1 week and a bit and counting)


When I joined last week I didn't expect to be apart of quite an active and very friendly provider as I have used other providers in the past and just haven't had the same experience or near the same at all while being at foxy and it been the best so far! 

So if you are someone who's looking to buy a product and get involved with the community then foxyz is good on that end for sure.

Product EFT

Now for the thing that i spend more time with rather than my girlfriend.

Now I haven't found the need for there to be a missing feature as I think it is all overall built very well with great features.

Below, I'm only rating 2 features which have a lot of settings


Aimbot 9/10:

- So the aimbot is crazy however I rated it 9/10 due to it mostly hitting the head when "head only" isn't selected so it can be quite annoying but other than that it's really good with delay aimbot features and hotkeys

ESP 10/10

- This is my favourite part of the product the ESP is really clean and I love the loot option and how you can colour code different items which is very handy.



To keep it simple, great product, great community 

I +1 everything


Lul here a click of a "rUsSiAn MaDE gAmE™





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