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I have been using the Foxyz EFT cheat since beta, and my experience has been great. While I don't personally find too much of a point in using legit settings in this game, the aimbot settings can be modified to actually look legit in the game. This is something I myself haven't seen in many other tarkov cheats I have used. 

The Visuals included in the cheat are honestly much more than I expected. Most cheats just display items and players as per usual, but Foxyz goes a step above. I can personalize a list of items to look for, filter out quest items, or even if I'm feeling lazy or just wanting money I can filter by minimum item price. The ESP is also extremely generous when it comes to response time. The only external ESP I have seen without lag so far.

The miscellaneous features such as norecoil and nospread are overpowered in my opinion. If I were to get bored I could play with these features alone.

Overall I am extremely satisfied with the Tarkov product. The best price on the market while also being the safest is not something other providers will be beating anytime soon.

10/10, Thanks nada.

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