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Changes to Payments via Resellers

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Hello everyone,

We have made some changes related to buying the product with us or with a reseller.
For now, just like last week, if you decide to buy directly from us, you will be allowed to use ONLY CoinBase (BTC), but, you have the opportunity to buy using different methods by contacting one of our resellers.


How does it work?

  • Check and pick one of the Resellers available on the bottom of this page (CLICK HERE)
  • Contact them and ask for their terms and payment methods, once an agreement is made, proceed with paying the Reseller (PAY ATTENTION TO WHO YOU ARE TALKING WITH, WE DO NOT ISSUE ANY REFUND OR COVER IN CASE SOMETHING HAPPENS).
  • Once the Reseller confirms the payment,  the reseller will send over your FORUM DM's (PRIVATE MESSAGES) a GIFT CARD that will activate account credits over your FORUM ACCOUNT.
  • With these credits activated, go to the store, select your product and pay using your FORUM ACCOUNT CREDITS.
  • Done, simple as that, everything should be pretty fast.


Any question, don't hesitate to contact us!

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