Dayz chett0 review


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So this is my honest review, Fuck a format,

One thing I want to stress is the support is great , the price is 10/10


Silent aim - 10/10 You will legit miss 0 shots make the fov a decent size and click that simple

ESP - You have so many customizations with the esp from tracers to keybind/toggle rainbow mode etc , a hide list for certain items 🙂

UI- Smooth and sexy rate 10/10

MISC - Is perfect short but simple "No sway No grass Fov Crosshair and a few more things"

Configs- WHICH I LOVE So if you find that perfect setup you can just click and load

Spoofer- 10/10

Protection on injection- The loader tell you to close programs and other useful info

Bang4buck- The price is great and the stability and overall layout of the cheat is A+ can't find a better product around 


Sorry for the format 🙂 But I recommend this and you should buy Nice support ease of accese and just fucking gooooood +Vouch 

-Signed by ~S

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