DayZ review

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Before i even begin to describe the cheat i feel its most important to talk about the community at foxys. First of all before i purchased anything, i asked multiple people about the detections, risk and quality of the cheats. Not only did they all answer honestly but where all extremely nice and friendly which was immedietly a good sign for me.


Aimbot   10/10

The aimbot is phenominal without a doubt the best aimbot ive probably used. Silent aim works litteraly perfect and i have had 0 issues with it. You can configure it to hit the head only, FOV and alot of other configuration options.


ESP  9.5/10

To most people the ESP would be a complete 10/10 it works like a charm you have tons of configuration optins and you can change the colour to any colour you can think off, you can even make it rainbow 😄 The esp is also streamproof so thats just another awesome benefit. The loot esp is soo good aswell as animal esp. Al of this is completely configurable and is so far the best loot ESP i have used in general. Now let me explain why the esp is a 9.5. personally im a legit cheater, the ESP in my personal opinion i find it extremely hard to find out if i can actualyl see the person behind it, an easy solution to this would be if they made a vissibility check, such as there red if you cant see them/ there behind something and they turn gree if visibile on the screen. This isnt a huge issue however ive based this review on my opinion so thats the only thing holding back my 10/10


Misc 10/10

Not much to say here, no recoil, no sway, no grass and the night vision stuff all works perfectly. You can also fully save your configs so you wont have to cofig everything everytime you play.


Now to most people  the most IMPORTANT subject Detection 10/10

Used for nearly a week and no ban, Whenever there is a detection your sub days will be returned, and the staff wil go through all measures of testing to ensure the cheat is back to being undetected, also Foxys cheats go undetected for MONTHS AND MONTHS which is amazing. 

Price 10/10

your paying for an extrmely high quality cheat, posibly the best on the market in mine and many others opinion the price is very reasonable for the quality of the product.


I have recently got the EFT cheat, after a week of that i will be posting an in deph review of that also.


Overall i STRONGLY recommend foxys and would suggest if your looking for any cheat that is offered you go here, discord is public any questions just ask users, just ensure you read the rules first 🙂

 happy gaming 

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