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  1. Very good review, Pretty well writen Thank you for your feedback!
  2. Thank you for the amazing review hopefully all the negative issue will be fixed soon! Once again thank you for sticking with us!
  3. Aimbot 9/10 Silent Aim: The silent aim is a little weird it seems to lock onto the wrong people a lot **This could be a Cfg Issue** But other then that the aimbot is absolutely perfect in my opinion just a little work needs to be done on the silent aim. Visuals 8/10 Cav ESP: works great! Glow: Glow works perfectly **A little hard to config with the current Config system in place** Suggestions: More customization! Misc 10/10 Noclip: Noclip works amazingly probably one of the best noclips currently in any R6 cheat NoFlash: Works as intended NoSpread: Works as intended **A little hard to config with the current config system** Support: 10/10 Support is very fast whether is cheat issues or HWID Resets they respond pretty quick! Price The cheat is amazing for the price in my opinion 100% better then a lot of providers in terms of legit and rage --- I Can't wait to use this cheat in the future with all the new features coming out in the future! ((Yes i am aware the cheat is in beta just some honest/constructive criticism))