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  1. Hahaha thanks mate 🙂 i really enjoyed/enjoy my stay here, and trust me, if the money was for it i would have a longer stay. but tbh besides from the cheat its a nice community which is rare
  2. 1. Price Why would you buy a Foxy cheat that's good competition in price, and where u can buy either with BTC or through reseller? and get it instantly as soon as the funds a processed . that just stuipid. go and buy a radar for 130 UDS pr month thats the smart choice. 2. Accesbility Okay, why would you buy a cheat thats so freaking easy to use. Download it and run.. Voila.. its working.. **Magic** Get one of thoose cheats where u have to change 1000 things in windows, disable your overlays and sacrifice your first born. 3. Support Foxys gives you compensation for iss